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Day 346 "Daily Photo Mini Blog" Day 346

Day 346
20 Days To One Year
Getting Dressed To Shoes Hair and Makeup
Thursday, February 9, 2012
MARILYN'S WAY Errand Day. Today I am swapping Errand Day and Paperwork Day. I want to go to the Watertown Farm Show tomorrow and watch my brother and niece sell there cattle from the show. I am hoping to get there early so I can also look at the displays for Home and Garden. I will meet up with my mom. Afterwards I will go to the grocery store to get the items that are on my list. It will be a long day but fun.

Today has been rather comical. I am in definite need of Errand Day. I had a SHE moment in the bathroom with the toilet paper. My backup system was out and also my backup system (Kleenex on the back of the stool) TO my backup system was out! Oh my! All I could do it laugh! I did pick up some toilet paper in the little town store on my way home from working out last night. It was still on the table. Instead of beating myself up and getting into all kinds of negative talk, I said and I hope I don't offend anyone, but this is what I actually said out loud to myself, "Oh shit! I forgot to change the toilet paper roll! Thank God I only had to pee!" It happens to the best of us! My day has been silly since this incident so who knows what Lily is thinking about today in the picture!
Keep FLYing!
Marilyn & Lily

Day 366 "Daily Photo Mini Blog" Day 366

Day 366
One Year!!
Getting Dressed To Shoes, Hair and Makeup.
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 Leap Year!
MARILYN'S WAY Anti Procrastination Day. Refrigerator Boogie and Meal Planning. My Anti Procrastination project for today is shoveling myself out from the snow storm. I don't have to do it alone. My neighbor girl came and is going to help me. How nice is this!

I would have gotten this on sooner but we had to watch a Johnny Depp Movie, play a game of Skip Bo and eat pizza. Next is the shoveling snow. It is fun having Beth here to help me celebrate and I thank all of you for congratulating me. It has been a great journey and I have learned so much about myself. Thank you!

I am in a silly mood today so I will leave you with this. Some will get it. It is from the movie "Secretariat" when Ms. Cheney's husband wasn't supporting her with her decision on the set up she had with an investor regarding the horse, Secretariat. Mrs Ham said, "Would you like some words of wisdom?" Ms Cheney says, "Sure." Then Mrs Ham says, "Good afternoon all KMartShoppers!" Sometimes words of wisdom like this is exactly what we need! Enjoy your life! Find your own way! It is so worth the journey!
Keep FLYing!
Marilyn, Lily & Beth

Happy Leap Year!

Day 403
Getting Dressed To Shoes Hair and Makeup
Friday, April 6, 2012  Good Friday
MARILYN'S WAY  Paperwork Day, Purse and Car Boogie and Date Night.  Lily didn't want to be in the picture today.  She was busy telling my neighbors chickens to stay in their yard.  There are at least 6 of them so this is a big job of barking for her.  Maybe tomorrow she will want to be in the picture.  She does say "Hi" to you all.

My day started out great.  Then I got sidetracked and this I am finding is making me feel rushed.  Why do we do these things?  So many reasons I could not list them all.  Instead, I am rebooting my day.   The culprit usually is doing too much too fast and more than we can comfortably handle.  Will I get all of my weekly habits specified for today?  I am using the rest of the day as Errand Day.  Again, maybe I am making these habits out to be more than they are.  I keep up with this weekly so how hard can it be?  How long does it take to clean out a purse? 5 minutes at the most?  What about car boogie?  I would say a fast 15 minutes and I am going to town so I can give it a wash too in these 15 minutes.  If I concentrated on only thinking of my paperwork I could actually get it done in around 15 minutes.  I am looking at another 30 minutes before I leave.  The car boogie will be done in town.  I would have liked to get started sooner but some days are just like this.  One thing I am practicing cutting down is the procrastination and perfectionism that seems to go with all of this.  It has got to be one of the biggest time wasters there are and yet we all continue to do this.  Let's all try do it a lot less.  I bet we see a difference in our flying.  I am going to give it a try.
Keep FLYing!
Marilyn & Lily

Day 403
Day 37        (4/6/2011)