Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Random Thought" When Life Gets In The Way Of What You Planned

Yes, I am having that type of day.  I know we are going to have days like this.  They just never feel good at the time.

I hadn't been sleeping well the past week.  I did get to bed at a descent hour last night but had wild dreams.  My plans for today was to tidy up quick and run to town to get a few things that I know I will be out of by Monday or Tuesday.

It is 6:45pm and I haven't been to town.  Do I go tonight like I used to when I didn't follow a schedule?  Let me tell you how strong this urge is!  I want to, but feel it would be against my better judgement to do this.  If I do go it had better be in the next half hour.  I don't need much.

So am I procrastinating or am I not?  This is the question that I can't seem to answer.  Could some of this have to do with the fact that I didn't do a Refrigerator Boogie last Wednesday?  Another question.

I am not quite sure how I get myself in this position.  Could it simply be "Life Getting In The Way Of What You Planned?"  Leave responses on my blog or facebook.  I am interested in what you all are thinking about with this "Random Thought."
Keep FLYing!