Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gifts That Have Turned Into Clutter

We all have them.  Someone gave you a gift.  It is nice

Seinfeild even had a show on "Re Gifting"

Sarah Yams Clutter is simply things you don't use or make you feel good when you look at them, they just sit there taking visual and actual space. A note on the comment about feeling guilty about gifts; If you thanked the person for the gift, that's the end of your responsibility to that person, now the thing is yours to do as you please.

This makes sense.  Evie has it right.

When does the responsibility end with this?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Flylady Way's "Stepping Stones" Series

Face it.  It doesn't matter what Declutter Program it is, by the time you read through any of them it can be overwhelming.  When you go to Flylady web site it is LOADED with information.  I know when I first found Flylady website, I thought wow!  This is a lot of information!  I also researched other programs too.  They had just as much information.  So why did I decide to follow Flylady?  What makes her different from the rest?

In my opinion, Flylady has HEART!  PERFECTIONISM is looked down upon.  Why?  Because it is the perfect platform to its all too familiar co-conspirator PROCRASTINATION.

Recently in the threads, many flybabies are stuggling with keeping up their routines.  They are frustrated and know they can fly but somehow they are not at the moment.  This is when they need it the most.  Many will then start looking at other declutter programs to see if there is a better way than Flylady.  All this does is get one into more confusion and stuck.  Then nothing happens.

A very close friend and mentor knows me so well.  This is what I used to do.  I used to look at several different angles with whatever subject I was interested in.  I would have probably five different perspectives taking into consideration at once.  The problem was, I never finished the final step.  I did not make a decision which direction I wanted to go for FEAR of not choosing the PERFECT one!!  There is NO PERFECT PROGRAM! It is as simple as that.  She told me I have to make a DECISION to what I want and then JUMP in!  Otherwise, all one will feel is being pulled in every direction there is.

Correct me if I am wrong.  It seems like the underlying turmoil going on with flybabies that are struggling may be experiencing what I just explained above.  So how can we all overcome this?  I have a few ideas and the approach that I am going to take because it will help me too is break down Flylady into manageable way for whatever situation that you are in so you can always feel like you are flying.  I don't really have a name for this but it is going to be a series of blogs that can be referred back to as cheering session.  I am a lot like Marla Watson Cilley in regards to writing with my heart and to write in such a way that it is honest and straight forward.

I don't, be any means want to replace or water anything down about Flylady.  We are all individuals and we each look at things in our own way.  We live in a country that allows it.  What I want to do is begin a series called The Flylady Way's "Babystepping It Simplified" Series.

This blog is the Introduction to  The Flylady Way's "Babystepping It Simplified" Series.  The next one we will jump in!
Keep Flying!

 I am still in search for a Logo that says me.  I have some temporary ones.  I feel I need to use my own picture because of copyright laws.  I have some others too.  Will show next time.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Walkabout That Almost Turned Into A Skunkabout!

My day started with plans to go to Sioux Falls to spend the night in a sleep study lab.  I got the call late morning telling me they did not have a technician available tonight.  They asked to reschedule for the coming Monday and I agreed.

My day then became very unstructured.  I just had not planned on the change.  So, I wondered outside to check on my tomatoes and pick ones beginning to ripen.  I also visited with the boys next door.  I gave them some split tomatoes to feed their chickens.

It was just so beautiful outside.  The past few days were cold and rainy.  I have been in my fibro-flare and thought I can't go on a walkabout.  I haven't gotten as much done this week as I wanted to.

Lily had been restless all day.  In fact something woke her up very early this morning where she was barking.  I believe I had about four hours of sleep in.  Then the phone rang.  Then Lily started to bark at something outside again.  By now, you get the idea that I didn't get a very restful night.

Finally, it was around 5 o'clock in the afternoon.  I just wasn't getting anywhere.  All I was having were many SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive) moments.  What was it that I really wanted to do?  I wanted to go on a Walkabout!  A year ago I would have had to MAKE myself go for a walk.  Now, all I want to do is a walkabout.

I have a great walkabout partner, Lily my half miniature dachsund and half sheltie.  I put her on a training leash that I wrap around my waist and put an anti-pull harness on her.  It works great.

Last time we were out at the farm I took lots of pictures so my pace wasn't very fast.  Today I wanted to speed it up some.  We head out clipping right along.  I am still feeling distracted and decided that this was just how it was going to be and just go with it.  There is always tomorrow.

That is when I spotted a skunk out of the corner of my eye.  I wasn't distracted anymore!  There was someone that needed to be distracted fast and that was Lily!  She has already had the experience of getting sprayed by a skunk a few years back.  My neighbor was babysitting her while I went into town.  Mom and I had just finished eating when I got the call.  My neighbor told me I had better come home instead of spending the night.  Lily got skunked.  You know how they say tomato juice is supposed to take out the skunk smell?  It didn't with her!  Now she smelled like a red skunk! (tomato juice and skunk)  The only way this smell was coming off is by wearing off!  As hard as it was, I had to make her spend a few nights outside until the smell went away.

All of this is flashing back as I see the skunk.  I turned around and pulled Lily to head back.  I am so glad I saw the skunk before she did.  It may have been a repeat outcome!  She did pick up the scent of something out there.  That was also the time the skunk realized he wasn't alone so turned around and went back into the weeds.

In town, I have to worry about peoples' dogs that aren't on a leash.  At the farm, I have to worry about skunks and racoons.  As much as it scared me, the confrontation of the dog that attacked Lily earlier this year was worse.  With skunks and racoons, one would have to get very close to their dens to be threatened.  I am so glad I saw the skunk before Lily did.  She went on to try to chase birds as they get up to fly.  Now it will be me dreaming of skunks tonight and not her!   I guess I will accept that I do.  At least I won't be having to smell that smell!

Until Next Time.......
Marilyn and Lily

Close Call Today!

Flylady's Monthly Habits We Have Done in 2011!

Sometimes, I wonder where this year went.  I remember like it was yesterday that I was making a commitment to myself to practice all of Flylady's Monthly Habits.  So far I have been successful.  How did I do it?  One babystep at a time and you can do this too!  Here is a recap of the monthly habits.  I don't know if you are like me, but for some reason pictures speak louder than words for me.  I hope this will help you as well.  

January - Shine Your Sink

February - Declutter 15 minutes a Day

March - Getting Dressed To Shoes

April - Making the Bed 

May - Moving

June - Drink Your Water

July - Swish & Swipe

August - Laundry

September - Before Bedtime Routine

October - Paper Clutter

November - Meal Planning

December - Pamper Yourself

So, how did you like the tour of Flylady's Monthly Habits?  Sometimes we make this harder than what it is.  That is just our SHE nature.  So when you become overwhelmed, come back to this blog and look over the habits.  To me when they are all lined up like this, they look reachable.   I hope it looks like it to you as well.
Keep Flying!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Important Things Getting Done Not Seen

When I uploaded my photo today, I saw a Flybaby making a comment as to why it doesn't look like she is getting things done, but she is.  It is the important things that don't show that are part of the foundation of Flylady! 

The important thing I am talking about is PLANNING!  We have to have time to plan in order for the flylady way to work.  That is why Flylady has Plan and Play Day, Partial Desk Day, and Paperwork Day.  

Monthly Habits
That is also why it is so important to implement the monthly habits.  First things First.  

January - Shine Your Sink

February - Declutter 15 minutes a Day

March - Getting Dressed To Shoes

April - Making the Bed 

May - Moving

June - Drink Your Water

July - Swish & Swipe

August - Laundry

September - Before Bedtime Routine

 Focus on those 4 things first and then see how you feel. Some days I have to break my Decluttering into mini decluttering sessions but that's also part of your hots spots to keep up with and the 5 minute Room Rescue, 2 minute drills, 7 for 7, Bingo.  Get creative!  For some reason, we have been brainwashed that the stuff that shows is the most important.  Well, if we are going take on this way of thinking, we might as well go back to the "Stash and Dash" way.  Flylady is about breaking things down into more manageable ways.  There are many of us that have health problems, family problems and we have tools for them.  Why not have tools for your home?  Well, this is what Flylady is so "lovingly" telling you.  Shine Your Sink, Declutter 15 minutes a day, Get Dressed To Shoes, and Make Your Bed.  This is my 6th year of FLylady.  I wasn't getting all the habits accomplished because I couldn't see why they were so important.  On January 1st, one of my New Year Resolutions was to follow the Flylady way as close as I possibly could.  I have got my biggest hurdle accomplished getting dressed to shoes.  There are others but I will deal with them when the month arrives and it is the habit.  The thing is that you won't understand what it means personally to you until you do each for at least 21+ days.  For now, I am concentrating on these four habits. If you want something you got done "seen", Shine Your Sink, Declutter 15 minutes, Get Dressed To Shoes, Make Your Bed and focus on looking at those things that are "seen".  Then let go and get your paperwork and those details started because they are important too and is what will make tomorrow be seen. Have you done these four habits today?  If not, do it now by jumping in where you are and then say "TADA"!!  Keep FLying! Marilyn

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Seasons Are A Changing

I have been wanting to go on a walkabout out by the farm for some time now.  Finally, I had to tell myself to drop everything, get Lily and go.  It has been a beautiful fall day and soon the season will change again.  Winter is not my favorite time of year and so I best be making the best of the nice weather now.

I want to focus on increasing my walkabouts.  This requires putting some thought into my day.  I would love to do this everyday.  I also want to keep a good balance between all that I do.  I am looking at trying out this walkabout at least twice a week going to the farm.  Maybe it will work and I can increase it to three times a week.

I know Lily will be all for it.  She loves it out there.  Today I took lots of pictures and so I didn't walk a fast pace like I usually do.  The thing is I don't care because I was enjoying myself and the countryside.  It is like meditating.  It is so peaceful.  Once in awhile you will hear a vehicle coming from a distance.  It gives me time to make sure I have a solid hold on Lily.  It always is someone I know and so I wave.

I am putting on a few pictures of my favorites I took today on our walkabout.  If you want to see all of them you can go to Walkabout Season Is A Changing

Hope you enjoyed this.  I also hope you can start going on your own walkabouts.  It really is good for the soul.

Until Next Time.........

Marilyn and Lily

Friday, September 16, 2011

200 Days Of Getting Dressed To Shoes Hair & Makeup

I can hardly believe this myself!  What is even wilder is that I have shined my sink for 259 Days!  Made my bed for 253 days!  I also have Swished and Swiped for 259 days.  Where am I going with all of this?  I am hoping you can get where I am today.  I want that for each and every one of you flybabies.

Just because I have been doing all of these habits, is my home perfect?  Of course not!  Why?  Because I am busy living too!  It has felt so wonderful to give up all this perfectionism that has been holding me back.  Perfectionism always wakes up Procrastination and with the two of them working together it can become a disaster.  We freeze up and the layers build and pretty soon we have a thick crust of perfectionism and procrastination all over our home.  In fact the only way out of this I have found is to use a chisel.  My chisel is in the form of Flylady and all the lessons I have learned from her.

Habits become routines.  It really is like taking a rock and chiseling away at it.  Think of all the beautiful things that have become because someone kept chiseling away at it.

What better example of this then none other "Mount Rushmore" in South Dakota!  Four of our Presidents grace this mountain.  We can't forget about the monument "Crazy Horse" that is still in process.

If we want to enjoy our life, we have to give up our clutter and bless it on to others or if it isn't worth anything, get rid of it!  And once we give up our clutter, we can easily do a swish and swipe, be able to walk around our bed so we can make it, and stay on top of Mount Washmore..  The less clutter we have in our homes and in our minds, the better our decisions will become.

So many of us want instant gratification.  If you want that, then go shine your sink and let the reflections of you shine through!
Keep Flying!

I have kept my sink shined since January 1st, 2011.  That is 259 Days!

Today is 200 Days Of Getting Dressed To Shoes, Hair, & Makeup!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

One More Night Of Freeze Warning

I have been outside and it isn't very warm today.  In fact there has been no sun.  Better increase my intake of Vitamin D.  I haven't checked my garden yet either.  I better do that and see if I recieved any frost damage.

So far, from a distance it is looking pretty good.  Let's get closer.  Currently it is 51F and the low is supposed to be 41F.

So Far, So Good.  You Can See Tomatoes On The Left And Green Peppers On The Right.  Green Pepper Foliage Shows Some Frost.

Some Of The Leaves Are Curled.  Tomatoes Look Alright.  There Are Many Tomatoes On This Plant.  I Am Glad I Put The Heavier Blanket On Them.

I Didn't Get This Covered.  I Picked The Cucumber And It Was Fine Too.

I Didn't Get This Covered And Can See Some Damage.  The Cauliflower Never Formed A Head.  The Cabbage Is Small.  I Suspect The Big Yellow Flower Took Most Of The Moisture.  It Is Also West Side Of House. 

Rhubarb Definitely Shows Signs Of Frost And Of Fall Season.

There you have it.  I am so glad I made preparations to save my garden from frost.  Thank you to my brother Tom for the extra sheets.  If you want to know a TRUE TOMATO LOVER,  this is the guy to meet!  He is a farmer raising Corn and Soybeans and is very proud of how well my tomato garden has done.  I know when I put them in this spring, I blessed each and every plant "The Flylady Way!"
Keep Flying!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reaping The Tomato Harvest And Keeping The Chickens At Bay

The other day, I went on a scavenger hunt to look for ripe tomatoes in my garden.  My neighbors' chickens decided to follow me there.  I have been feeding them the over ripened and split tomatoes in their coupe. I just don't want them in my garden so had to shoo them off.  Yesterday morning the chickens were making their way towards my garden again.  I saw this on the way to my bathroom.  I quickly went to the bathroom and went flying out to my garden in my nightgown shooing chickens away from my tomato plants!  I must have looked pretty ridiculous!

I knew I had ripe tomatoes but I didn't think I had this many!  Picking the tomatoes was a challenge for me.  It wasn't just about stepping carefully around the jungles of plants. It was also keeping the chickens at bay while I did this.

 I had to have a strategy.  I would start with deadheading flowers in a garden not far from the tomatoes.  Sure enough, I had an audience.  Now I am thinking how long will it take before they get bored and go back home.    Put it this way, I got all the deadheading done and pulled some weeds!

The chickens made their way back into their coupe.  Now was the time to make my move.  I would have to move carefully so they didn't sense something going on.  I thought about calling my neighbor girl to see if she would keep the chickens at bay. Then I thought, I can do this!  So, I started to pick the tomatoes.  I couldn't believe how many ripe ones there were!  They look so pretty and I am proud of them.  This has been my best garden ever.  I had other vegetables ready to be picked.  They had to wait.  I was just concentrating on my tomatoes.

I took some pictures so you can see what I was up against.  Never did I ever think I had to worry about chickens getting in my garden!  Just goes to show you, anything is possible!
Keep Flying!
Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes!

Don't They Look Pretty?

These are the tomatoes that over ripened and I fed to the neighbors' chickens.

The only ones that fly the coupe are the white hens.  Hmm.

The rooster finally knows how to crow!

Looks like they are happy.  They got some tomatoes.  At least I got to choose which ones!  Ha!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Other Ways To Get A Walkabout Done

Some days just aren't possible to get an actual "Walkabout" in.  It could be due to weather or life takes us elsewhere.  My life has been taking me elsewhere and let me tell you, I would much rather go on an actual walkabout in the country.

What Have I Been Doing Instead?

A variety of things.  When a person has a home with a yard and loves to garden that can explain a lot.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Born Organized Verses Sidetracked Home Executive A Tale Between The Two

Yesterday I took Lucy, my mom's dog back to town.  Mom was back from the birthday party where she spent a couple nights.  I couldn't wait to find out how this surprise birthday party went.  But first a bit of history between two close friends of many years.

History Of Their Friendship First
Mom and Evie worked at Woolworth's together.  Mom worked in the lunch and snack area as Manager and Evie worked in the Business Office.  This is definitely an opposites attract type of story.

Evie is Born Organized and Mom is a SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive).  How their friendship lasted all these years should be a mystery but it isn't.

Evie doesn't have, mind I say one bit of clutter!  Mom says you will never find any dust either.  In fact, her daughters don't give her anything anymore because she says she has all she needs.  They can give it to her and maybe a couple days later she gives it to someone else or donates it.  That is how she is.  Does it have anything to do with the fact that she did the books at Woolworth's?  I don't have enough information gathered to see if one has something to do with the other.

The one thing she has collected through the years are giraffes.  Maybe that has something to do with being Born Organized.  To be able to look above it all and make decisions.  She loves to play cards.  That is one thing my mom and her have in common.  She has her opinions on various topics too and never afraid to speak what is on her mind. So you see, Evie is not someone that is boring at all and yet she is Born Organized.

Now you are probably wondering how she stays Born Organized.  Maybe she has had an easy life.  None what so ever.  Her daughters have health issues and so does she.  She stayed by her husband through one of most painful cancers there is.

She loves lavendar and purple and you will always see her in these colors.  She still goes to the Beauty Shop and has her hair done every week.  She always looks polished.  She has this presence about her that says go forward.  No need to look backwards.

Maybe it was Evie that sparked me to look for a better way to live without clutter.  Who knows.  I know I always aspired to be like her.  She always looks so put together.  She was different than most of Mom's friends that are SHEs'.  I wanted some of what she had,  being Born Organized.  I know I am a SHE.  It doesn't mean that I need to stay this way.  That is how I found Flylady.  I was searching for a better way to take care of my home.

What Birthday Gift Do You Give To A Person That Says She Has All That She Needs? 
This was Evie's 86th birthday.  After Evie's husband passed away, she decided to move back to Minnesota to be closer to her relatives.  The sad part is that Mom and her would not get to see each other every few days.  This is what Evie wanted.  To be close to her family.

You know how we all say we will visit each other often despite the miles?  It wasn't that far.  Maybe over a hundred miles.  But life takes us here and takes us there.  They have stayed in contact through phone calls and holiday wishes.

Her Daughter Got This Idea!
One of Evie's daughters live in South Dakota.  So she thought, why not pick my mom up along the way to Evie's and surprise her!  So that was the plan!

When they arrived at Evie's apartment, her daughter had a quilt that she told Mom to cover herself with.  Her daughter went to get Evie.  She said, "You have to come outside.  I have your birthday present in the car."

Evie went out there, opened the car door and carefully lifted the quilt.  Then Mom said, "Surprise!  Happy Birthday Evie!"  Evie and Mom were so overcome with joy!  Both of their spirits were lifted and it took them back to talking about old times.  They talked about the year they dressed up on Halloween and went Trick or Treating and many more things that they did together.  It was a wonderful visit that the two of them will never forget.

Is There A Moral To This Story? 
Does there have to be?  I want to consider this a feel good story.  It just confirms again that "You Can't Organize Clutter!"  Trying to will just take you away from moments like I just described to you.  Are you ready to get rid of your clutter?

Keep Flying!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Habit - Before Bedtime Routine Are You Ready?

I have got to say since my decluttered items were taken away by the garbage man today, I have been filled with so many ideas to share with you and even enjoyed a Walkabout with Lily out by the farm.

Depending on what part of the country you live in you have already or will begin September's New Habit - Before Bedtime Routine.  Are you ready?

It's Race Night and I also have a tank top I will wear until I go.
This one has been by far one of the hardest habits for me to make a routine to date.  There are a few more coming up that I have had trouble with and I will practice the habit for that month.

So far this year our monthly habits have been:

January - Shining Your Sink
February - Declutter 15 Minutes A Day
March - Getting Dressed To Shoes
April - Make Your Bed
May - 15 Minutes Of Loving Movement
June - Drink Your Water
July - Swish & Swipe
August - Laundry

September - Before Bedtime Routine
Have I talked enough about this habit yet?  No.  I am being repetitive for a reason.  I want each and everyone of you to have success with this habit so it turns into a routine that will allow yourself to fly higher than you ever have before!  Can it be done?  Of course it can!  Just don't get ahead of yourself where you trip and fall over your own two feet.  Yes, that's what we know very well how to do.

The Secret To My Before Before Bedtime Routine - Associations Of Tasks
Laying out my clothes is associated with "A Load Of Laundry A Day To Keep Mt Washmore At Bay  As I do my laundry I always keep 3 outfits in queue.  I have a hook to hang the clothes for the next day or folded up on my dresser where I put my make up on.

Getting my coffee ready for the morning is associated with "Shining My Sink"

Washing my face and brushing my teeth is associated with "My Last Bathroom Break"

Of course there are other things I do but I always make sure I do the top three.  This is what I started out with and have built on along the way.  No matter how bad of a day I have had, I make sure to do these three associations so my one bad day doesn't flow into the next and then the next because I didn't lay my clothes out, shine my sink, wash my face and brush my teeth.  I know I can always jump in with the rest so I never have to feel like I must catch up.  It has been a hard lesson to learn and still must remind myself.  I just don't have to as much.  That's my babysteppin' at work.  Give it a try!
Keep Flying!

Finding My Passion The Flylady Way

The decluttered items I took care of by way of 27 Fling Boogies are gone.  Exhale.............  I feel like I can breath again.  I still have items to declutter and I will get there.

The crucial point I want to make is to practice the habit if something new comes in, something old MUST go out.

Old Decayed Wood From Outside Shed That Took Up Space and Now A Nice Glowing Fire.

Marla Watson Cilley of The Flylady asked not long ago what our passions were.  She said in order to do this we  must get rid of the clutter standing in our way.  As I said in my last blog I went to my most cluttered room to begin decluttering and froze.  Too many things in there had emotional attachment to it.  I didn't quit. Instead I just went to another area, my outside shed where I had no relationship with the items I decluttered.  My 100+ Decluttered Items Big and Small are gone.  They left around 10am with the Garbage Truck.  I am double checking now to make sure they took everything because it was more than my usual bi weekly garbage pick up.  Yes!  It is all gone!

Am I elated about this?  Yes and No.  Yes, that it is gone.  No, that it took so long to declutter the items I had no attachment too because of all the obsessing about the stuff that does have meaning whether good, bad or indifferent.   I also know that this has something to do with the two buildings that were demolished this last week and this week.  The world has not crumbled because they are gone.  People looked and watched some the first couple days as we all have that curious nature.  They are still finishing up with filling in sisterns with dirt that held water when it had to be hauled in.  Still, life is going on.

Now back to what Marla Watson Cilley said about our passions.  Mine is writing.  Writing has got me through good and bad and indifferent times.  I have been writing in a journal since I was 14 years old.  I have had a few years here and there where I didn't write.  The thing is that it has probably been the most consistent thing I have done since 1986.  That is twenty five years!  I have been building on my passion and not even realized it.  Why? Because I have kept all my clutter so I could be surrounded with an invisible fort to protect myself.  It is called "Fort Marilyn"

"Fort Marilyn" has been built with cluttered items of "just in case", "keep for safe keeping", "must have paint clothes", "might be able to use someday",  "multiple items of the same thing because I could never find them and would just buy again", "clothes and items given to me because I couldn't say no", extra parts to cabinets I no longer have, wood leftover from projects and think could use some day.  "Fort Marilyn" is not a place of restfullness and peace.  Instead a place of "Fight or Flight".  I am becoming aware of this as I am writing this.  Maybe because I tore some of my fort down.  Sunlight is coming into the fort again like it was before I started to build it.  I am tearing it down because I want all of my home to be peaceful to walk into.  No more "Fight or Flight" rooms that are just waiting to boil over like a kettle on a stove.  I want to make room for things that bring pleasure.

Decluttered 100+ With No Attachments  Just Clutter!

Lily and I have been enjoying our Walkabouts out in the countryside.  We are liking the freedom of our energy coming and going with the wind.  It has been so freeing.  It also brings pleasure.  All I have to do is watch Lily to see how she struts about using her hounding and herding nature.  She is 1/2 Miniature Dachsund and 1/2 Sheltie.  She gets to be her true self.  It has been such a joy to watch her that I want some of that.  How do I do it? By continuing to FLY and part of flying is Decluttering.  The more I declutter the more I will write.  Simple as that.

All Gone!  Exhale!

I hope you enjoy what I have been writing.  This is my passion.  I have had no classes.  I just write from the heart.  My last blog I wrote about thinking I may have "Bloggers Block or Writers Block".  It hasn't been that at all.  It has simply been "Clutters Block".  I got a good chunk of it torn down and taken away from "Fort Marilyn" to write again and it feels good.  You know?  Decluttering 15 minutes a day may not be so bad after all.  My flavor is 27 Fling Boogie.  I guess I like counting things go out the door.  Either way, I am making room for my writing where ever it may carry me.  As long as I keep Clutter at Bay, I will find my way to my passion.  Today and for 25 years has been writing!  What a great awareness I have made!  And it happened on Garbage Day September 1st to take August and prior items away.  Relief!

Nice and Orderly!  Ahhh!